We play well with others and we are always on the lookout for the next tech inspiration. Like a formula one team, we are relentless in our pursuit to improve and go faster, better and stronger. We implement and try out new technologies, whether we create bots or partner with 3rd party companies offering the best SaaS platform. Here are some of our current products used in our projects:

TelegRam Bot

We are honored to introduce….well, you can call him by any name, he is your bot. We call him Alfred sometimes but he goes by a different name in every group. Like adding more man-hours, our bot will assist in moderation, delete, greet, play, answer and more. By the way, he hates foul language. Yes, he takes care of that too.

Inner Circle

In every community you can find those people who are far more engaged and active than others. They ask questions (and reply to others if they can), raise issues, connect with other community members and advocate for your brand.

Why not empower those people? The awesome innercircle platform allows us to manage your ambassadors – we can collect data, create missions, distribute rewards and prizes and make sure those community members bring more value to your company than ever before.


We love gamification. We think it’s the best way to encourage people to take actions. With Vyper, we can easily build viral gamified campaigns that grow your email list and social following, and eventually drive up sales.

Of course, this is just one of many platforms we can use to implement gamification methods in your community building strategy. But it certainly is one of our favorites.

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