The Emissary Guild was founded to build and grow impactful communities for unique clients in different industries. We are driven by the granular details that distinguish our clients, framing our efforts with the long-term goals that define success.

We specialize in forming and managing communities while building influence via social media platforms, keenly focused on identifying the right story and evolving it for the target audience as we go.


A strategy serves us as the backbone for every community project we take on. Whether it’s taking over or conceiving a new community from scratch, we take our ideas, dreams and your passion into consideration. We throw them all into the mix and come up with a unique approach to best suit your needs and your community members.

Relying on experience with dozens of other communities, we keep a close ear on the industry’s heartbeat, ideas and options for you. With strict deadlines from day one, Emissary Guild allocates resources and integrates core tactics best suited to each platform into a goal-oriented plan. Our experience in the field of digital marketing and each of our team members’ personal passion for creating communities help us navigate in any industry – a distinguishing factor in our service as any strategy is only as good as it is relevant. Ultimately, our singular goal is to carry your company to success.


Community rewards programs are the best marketing tool you could ask for. It’s all about giving back to the community, creating real value and finding the right people to advocate for your brand with honor and passion.

That is why we have implemented gamification strategies in every project. We create a swarm of loyal followers who join to play, win prizes or benefits and help us push. Social media should be social and not just paid ads. We help companies reward their community members for helping strengthen brand identity and for taking their commitment with you to the next level.


“Community” is a big word. It entails endless opportunities but beware, it might be much more complicated than you might think. It’s all about finding the right people, blowing your horn and finding who will stand with you, next to you.

It is about building a following, getting them to believe in what you believe and building something bigger together. When you all come together, working for one cause, helping your brand grow, it is only then that a community is truly alive.

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Imagine finding the inner circle. The people who believe what you believe. They will act as your best emissaries. These are the people who will contribute and help spread the word to their closest friends.

Community creation is an art that requires planning and meticulous preparation on your behalf. It is also crucial to making a project a success in this ever-changing social environment. Like the ripples created by a stone hitting a lake, we will help you build the system, the rewards and the message, seeing the circles form one by one. Are your ready to build something bigger?

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