The Emissary Guild was founded to generate impactful marketing and crowdfunding for unique clients in the cryptocurrency market. We are driven by the granular details that distinguish our clients, framing our efforts with the long-term goals that define success in the crypto space.

We specialize in forming crypto-related communities and influencing via social media platforms, keenly focused on identifying the right story and evolving it as we go for the target audience.


Outlining strategy as a starting point positions companies for long term success. With strict deadlines from day one, Emissary Guild allocates resources and builds core tactics best suited to each platform into a goal-oriented plan. Our experience in the field of digital marketing and each of our team member’s personal passion for crypto crowdfunding projects help us navigate industry change – a distinguishing factor in our service as any strategy is only as good as it is relevant. Ultimately, our singular goal is to carry your ICO to success.


Bounty program is the best marketing tool you could ask for. In a time when social networks keep banning ads, we have a solution. Imagine your troops amassing outside the gates, ready to join your cause and spread the word. We can mobilize them throughout the web. Using our gamification methods, we create a swarm of loyal followers who join to play, win their tokens and help us push the value of the token. If we all play our cards right, these people might attract potential users and investors.


ICO projects are different from other business initiatives. Marketing efforts on social platforms are not enough to gain the crypto-community’s attention and rise above the noise. Building a community of true believers takes time. These are the true followers who like the project
and believe in it.

Our dedicated community management team focuses on the accepted and common communication channels of the crypto world. In conjunction with the bounty and the appropriate context, we will create relevant content and manage your community up to and during the ICO with ongoing support post ICO.

growth hacking

Imagine finding the inner circle. The people who believe what you believe. They will act as your best emissaries. These are the people who will contribute, invest and help spread the word to their closest friends. Crowdfunding is an art that requires planning, meticulous preparation on your behalf and is crucial to making a project a success in this ever changing crypto environment.

Like the ripples created by a stone hitting a lake, we will help you build the system, the rewards and the message, seeing the circles form one by one. Are your ready to build something bigger? 

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