ico managEment

Building your unique marketing strategy and executing is not an easy task. In the ever-changing crypto market, we are required to be professional, quick to adapt and never stop improving. Rising above the noise requires a large team of people. From content to design, creative to bounty gamification, project management and community managers and moderators. You should have your team ready, the best team, the emissaries.

 To ensure every project receives the best care and attention, we have created a unique on-boarding method. This also means we are signing new projects into specific time slots every month.

 We try and reply every message, even if it might take us a while. Please be patient. Due to the number of projects out there, it is best if you have a referral when reaching out.


The real work starts not when you raise the capital, but when you open your doors to the public, we all know that. Post ICO is a whole different ball game.

The raise was successful, and your project is going into high gear. You are now focusing on the product, so we are here to take care of your community. By utilizing our powers, experience and techniques, we make sure everything is taken care of and offer the best moderation service, gamification and brand awareness your team can ask for.

The community is the center of it all, the living heart, and trust us, we are the best there is out there.

Not entirely sure why community management is so important during post-ICO period?
Read our blog post to discover.