How we managed to create a strong team of moderators/admins

Community management is all fun and games, but you have to get a solid group of reliable admins and moderators behind you. These individuals help you filter through and monitor the content in your forums, effectively extending your capabilities and allowing you to oversee a larger community. We’ve gotten pretty good at it and that’s thanks, in part, to our successful recruitment of moderators and admins.

1. We built a clear schedule to onboard new customers and manage their community. There’s nothing like a solid bit of planning. By laying out a path that had already brought us success in the past, we were able to establish clear timelines and meet projections for growth and reach. This kind of stability and the accompanying success attracts good moderators. And we took on big exciting projects that moderators wanted to be a part of.

2. We updated and upgraded content on our website. This might sound trivial at first, but your website is where everyone goes to get detailed, up-to-date information on who you are, what you do and where you’re headed. Moderators and admins especially rely on your website being filled with helpful, updated content they can refer to. Basically, we tried to make their job effortless.

3. We posted at the right times in the right forums. Every subreddit, Facebook group or Telegram chat has its own characteristics. Where are participants from? Will they be awake at night? When’s the best time to catch the attention of users who will be interested in working with your project? This takes a little trial and error, although you get better at it every time you do it. Without knowing when to post on which platforms, you’ll never reach the potential moderators and admins you need, no matter how interesting your company is.

4. We reached people who believe in us and liked how we worked. We followed up on leads and identified opportunities wherever they cropped up. This sort of go-get-em approach eventually leads you to the right people who will like what you do. Then you know you’re in the groove.

The bottom line is that the moderators and admins we work with came to us. It was our job to show our dedication and put ourselves out in the public sphere for exposure and opportunities. They saw we were good and strong and they got as excited about us as we were about them. That’s the meaning of team.

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