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How to become an official Emissary!

The Emissary Guild is a community for people who love ICOs and want to see them succeed. We have many kinds of friends: crypto enthusiasts, ICO contributors, bounty hunters, crypto influencers, translators and moderators. Together, we help ICOs reach their goals and get rewarded for doing so.

Our members, or to be precise – emissaries, are the most important things. Without them, we couldn’t do our job. Those are the people who help us spread the word if it’s by joining our bounty programs, translating Whitepapers into many languages or creating review videos… And we recognize their importance, so we make sure to reward them properly.

If you are a blogger, video maker, translator, Telegram moderator, bounty hunter or even just a crypto-enthusiast, you’re in the right place. We need you, and we’re 100% sure you also need us.

How to join the community

Our community has a home – our Discord! Click here to join!
In our Discord, you can find 2 types of rooms (channels):

  1. Public channels: can be found in the “Emissary Guild Community” and the “Discussions” categories. Those channels are open to everyone, including newbies. You can visit those channels, join the conversation and contribute your opinion.  
  2. Private channels: can be found in the special category: “The Emissaries”. The channels in this category are open only to our Emissaries!

So, what’s in it for you?

Only our emissaries, our loyal friends, will have access to the private rooms. In those private rooms, we will be posting all kinds of interesting offers, like:
Writing opportunities
Special bonuses for bounty hunters
Video making gigs
Translation tasks
Investment opportunities
And so much more…

Since we are working closely with ICO teams, we have the ability to offer cool special stuff to our community members! So this is why you definitely want to become an Emissary! Why would you skip this amazing opportunity? Absolutely no reason.

 How to become an Emissary?

To become an emissary and gain access to the private rooms, all you gotta do is bring 5 friends! That’s all.

How can you bring 5 friends?

  1. Create a private invite (don’t know how? Check out this video:
  2. Use your special link to invite 5 friends
  3. Every Monday, we will scan the invites and grant an emissary role to those of you who brought 5 friends!

Got any questions? Join our Discord and visit our #general channel to get in touch with the team!

Good Luck!


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