How do we choose our projects?

It’s a pretty exciting time. The blockchain-based industry of ICOs is fostering a multitude of exciting new ideas that are being made into real viable projects that wouldn’t have been possible just a decade ago. It’s also attracting a lot of people who want to make a lot of money fast. That’s why we at Emissary Guild carefully choose who we work with. We want to propel companies forward that offer value to the world beyond cash.

Think about it: even beyond conducting business, you want the people in your life to be trustworthy, proactive, fun, smart and dedicated to what they do. These are traits humans are universally drawn to. Along those same lines, here are some of the things we look for when considering who to work with:


Most of the new projects we take on have been referred to us by someone else we have already worked with. This way, someone who we already know shares our values can vouch for the potential of a new project and the integrity of the team behind it. It’s also a great way for us to gradually grow our business as we branch out to new clients from different fields.

In every way, referrals are one of the most efficient and effective business development activities.


But even after getting a referral, we take some time to consider the potential of the project ourselves. This is in part a consideration of the product and whether or not we believe it to be truly viable, but we focus even more on the practical side of things to see how serious a project really is.

Does this ICO have a clear, goal-oriented strategy? It doesn’t have to be perfect – tweaks are always made along the way – but being well-organized shows commitment and helps us see where a business is headed. Seeing a design and a roadmap are also great indicators of the dedication of the team and therefore the potential of the project.


This one’s easy. Will the target audience be interested in what a new ICO has to offer? If not, what’s the point of the company? We also need to take interest in the project so that our work isn’t a drag, but we love technology, we love blockchain and we love helping meaningful projects. So, the bar is pretty easy to clear there.


As we’ve already made clear, we like projects that bring extra value. That means stepping outside the box and working with ICOs that are about more than cryptocurrencies and finance. There are all kinds of innovative and interesting ways blockchain can be applied to just about any industry in the world.

We want to work with projects that change the rules of the game with a unique idea and application of blockchain technology – and there are lots of projects like that just waiting to be found! Blockchain is still in its infancy in many ways. We know that its potential is nearly limitless, but we’ve only seen a fraction of its possible applications put into motion.


Another easy one, and really the most important. We want everyone to have fun: us, the team we’re working with and the customers they’re trying to reach. Sometimes we choose projects on this factor alone. That means an interesting project, a good team to work with full of positive energy.