Everything you need to know about building a community

No consumer likes to feel like a just a sales figure in the analytics of the businesses they spend their money on. Companies that shy away from building a more personal relationship with their customers aren’t likely to succeed, even with the best of products. That’s because people are encouraged when they feel that someone actually cares.
What’s needed is a community, and that’s what Emissary Guild specializes in creating. It can be a tall order for a business to create a personal bond with so many people, but the best way to do that is to maintain a tight-knit community of users who are dedicated to your brand, ideas and products.
We’ve already written an article explaining what a community is and why businesses need them  but the bottom line is that that community serves as a loyal customer base and helps newcomers integrate and find the bonding experience they need to become loyal customers themselves.

Which brings us to our next point: Why would a customer want to be part of a community? Well, the benefits are hard to overstate. Communities provide a structure of mutual support, in which community members are able to share their experience and learn from one another when something goes wrong. Communities also give people a sense of belonging and purpose, the need for which is simply a part of human biology. Providing these as a business is an appeal to the very foundation of the human experience. That’s a tool that can’t be overlooked. And maintaining a community is fun as well. Business owners and managers also need human interaction to keep their ideas fresh and find confirmation and motivation from their audience. Communities are a huge morale booster.

And communities aren’t created overnight. That’s why ICOs need to quit calling giant Telegram chats a community. It takes large investments of time, trust and patience to build a real community – investments that yield strong returns in the end. But a Telegram group can be created willy-nilly and have a decent number of followers relatively quickly. That doesn’t make it a real community.


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