Essential tools and websites for community management

No job is possible without the right tools and that’s especially true for community management, where a large load of diverse tasks requires superhuman levels of the organization. Not all of the tools you’ll use as a community manager are necessarily meant for community managers, but community managers use them all in unique ways to get the job done.


A high-powered analytics tool is an absolute must as a community manager. Without it, how would you know what’s working, what’s not and why? How would you pick up on mentions of your brand across the internet and identify opportunities to engage your audience and pick up new community members?

Google Analytics is the industry standard. There’s a bit of a learning curve involved, but once you’re there, this sophisticated tool will give you unprecedented insight into your performance and how it can be improved.

Social media

A large part of building your own community is reaching out to and joining existing communities – and a lot of that happens on social media platforms. Sure, there are the usual suspects like Facebook and Twitter, but honestly, it’s getting harder and harder to reach audiences there these days.

That’s why we recommend less traditional outlets like Quora and Reddit. Outreach strategy on these platforms has to be less formal and requires that your break out of the marketing mindset. In fact, you could even say that this is where you really test your mindset as a community manager vs. a marketer or salesman. But the payoff is well worth it.

Organize yourself

There’s a lot to keep track of as a community manager. But don’t let yourself get too overwhelmed. There are lots and lots of solutions out there to improve your organization and make sure that you are fulfilling your potential.

Google Drive is a no-brainer, a great place not only to store all your documents in an organized manner but also to collaborate on documents with others in real time. Use something like Trello to organize your tasks, assign them to the right people and track their progress and development.

Bonus tools

Other important tools include things like Grammarly, which helps keep spelling mistakes in check. This one is crucial, especially if English isn’t your first language. There’s no reason to feel bad about it – just use the tool and your writing will improve while you reduce mistakes and appear more and more professional.

For all those viral graphics you’ll want to put out there, use Pablo by Buffer, a solid tool that lets you simply put text over a photo background.

Don’t let the overwhelming amount of work you’ve got on your plate discourage you. That’s what these kinds of tools are for.

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