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Our community loves ICOs and wants to see them succeed. We have many kinds of friends- crypto enthusiasts, ICO contributors, bounty hunters, crypto influencers, translators and moderators. Together, we help ICOs reach their goals, and get rewarded for doing so.


We have created something for everyone. We ensure you can join your favorite platform and keep up to date. From our private Telegram and unique forum to the best newsletter. Be a part and let's stay in touch. It's worth a lot.


Our reward system offers many options. Proof of care, proof of growth and even, proof of fun. All these are built to help you establish your own incredible portfolio. You choose how you want to play, how much time and we are already happy to have you.


Crowdfunding, a new leverage, bringing the power back to the community and helping ICOs thrive. It is time you own your investment portfolio and enjoy the ride.