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Find and monitor the right channels – Everyone wants to reach the right audience. What’s the point of marketing your services and products if the only people who see your efforts are people who have no interest in them?

It used to be a physical location that mattered: sponsorship of the right event or a billboard in the right place. Today, you reach the right audience by finding and monitoring the right channels online. These locations will depend on your specific brand – and there may be several locations you’ll have to keep up with.

You should always be willing to meet people where conversations are happening. Go where there are! Is there a strong Reddit community discussing topics that are relevant to what you do or are most people interested in your brand Facebook users? This isn’t always easy to figure out, but it’s critical that you do.

Different kinds of people use different kinds of platforms, giving communities in each individual channel its own unique character. And don’t just look at the big ones like Twitter and LinkedIn! You could benefit tenfold by finding the right communities on lesser-known platforms.

Connecting to users through these channels serves several purposes, all of which result in the growth of your own audience. You’ll learn more about your industry and the people interested in it. You’ll also become a part of discussions that turn into opportunities for you – opportunities to establish yourself as a trusted figure, build an audience and eventually convert users into members of your very own community.

Doing so requires that you not only find out where conversations are happening, but also that you set up the proper tools to monitor them and improve them. Active communities contain a lot of posts and engagement. You want to follow as much of it as you can so you don’t miss the best opportunities. Being a constant presence will help you stand out.


Community management is an evolving field. Luckily, there are lots of communities around the web you can learn from and get help—whether you prefer Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn.

L.L. Bean– cool photos, videos, and tips for outdoor adventurers. They also include tabs dedicated to their events, open job opportunities, and to each of their most recent grand openings.


“Your people love being part of a community because they feel free to give feedback on existing products or submitting new ideas in order to improve”. (#EmissaryGuildCommunity)

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