SEO and keywords – Building a community through personal outreach and engagement are necessary, but it’s a lot of work. Ideally, you want to reach a point where your community can experience some amount of organic growth without your direct involvement. You want people who share your interests to find you all on their own. That’s where SEO and keywords come in.

Smart implementation of SEO and keywords throughout your content is a superb engine of growth. Hopefully, you can establish yourself as an important figure for people who are already in your community, but SEO allows you to establish yourself in that role for the entire industry so that anyone searching for relevant information ends up in your sphere of influence.

SEO is like a slowly-growing snowball. You may not see results right away, but you should still start SEO work early. A webpage with no traffic won’t do very well on search engines no matter how many keywords you have strategically placed on it. But once you’ve brought some traffic to your blog or product page and generated activity there through your personal outreach methods, well-placed keywords will see to it that you search engine results will eventually start to expand your community.

The best part? You’ll already have put most of the work in and that extra growth will feel effortless. But good SEO isn’t easy at first. Keywords are about your audience as well as your content. After all, you might describe your service or product in a slightly different way than some people search for it. We recommend that you put in the work to carefully identify your target keywords. Make content that’s great for your community and you’ll have content others will want to click on when they find it on search engines.


Community management is an evolving field. Luckily, there are lots of communities around the web you can learn from and get help—whether you prefer Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn.

WordPress– This community and team oversee official events, mentorship programs, diversity initiatives, contributor outreach, and other ways of growing a strong community.


“Your people love being part of a community because they share a common interest in a certain device or brand”.

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