Search your own brand – How do you keep up with and keep yourself aware of everything that’s being said about you online? After all, these discussions don’t take place only within the bubble of your own community and keeping track of what’s being said about you is crucial for a number of reasons.

The first is to have some idea of public sentiment toward your brand and products. Are users satisfied, or are they complaining about a specific feature that can be easily fixed?

The second reason keeping up with these discussions is important is to benefit from feedback. The customer is always right (well, almost always). Get ideas from them when possible and take into consideration how users who care enough to discuss your brand want it to develop or improve.

Finally, take advantage of these conversations to grow your community. Get involved in the conversation yourself. Offer explanations and information wherever and whenever possible. This type of outreach makes your brand more human and more connected.

So, how do you do it? One of the easiest ways to find discussions about you is by using Google Alert. Try to also search for conversations about the industry, products, services or points of interest for your community. Also, don’t forget to search for your company or brand name with common typos and errors. Awario is one example of a company that provides such services, but it certainly isn’t the only one in the field that can be found with a quick and easy search.


Community management is an evolving field. Luckily, there are lots of communities around the web you can learn from and get help—whether you prefer Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn.

Savvy Business Owners with Heather Crabtree– The community was designed specifically for female entrepreneurs. Whether you’re just starting out or want advice on taking your business to the next level, this super-active group of marketing entrepreneurs will help you to grow.


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