Find new platforms, be creative – Conversations between people exist across the internet, not only on Facebook and LinkedIn. These discussions are an amazing opportunity for you to network, grow your community and/or have a discussion with opinionated community members, all of which are positive things for your outreach efforts.

At first glance, it might seem that creativity shouldn’t have much to do with this process. But an immense amount of creativity can be found in identifying the platforms you can use in unique ways to reach and grow your audience. This requires that you get to know each platform intimately.

The less-creative part lies in keeping up with the new platforms that are popping up all the time. Doing so is crucial, however. Finding a new platform you can use effectively means connecting to a whole new audience. They may be small audiences, to begin with, but even this comes with advantages. Small audiences you can give more attention to are often more active and more loyal that audiences where everyone feels like an insignificant piece in a huge puzzle.

Finding these hole-in-the-wall platforms and utilizing them in a unique way can also be more efficient and effective than going through the usual channels. Everyone expects to see ads on Facebook and quickly skip over almost everything; everyone knows that brands try to get smart on Twitter and go viral in a funny way with a hashtag. Catching people off guard by appearing on an under-utilized platform and using it in a unique way will catch attention better than almost anything else you can do. Don’t limit yourself only to the main, well-known platforms. Look for the conversations that are opportunities for you, wherever they may be.


Community management is an evolving field. Luckily, there are lots of communities around the web you can learn from and get help—whether you prefer Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn.

Starbucks has been one of the early adopters in social, local, and mobile technology since the beginning. Starbucks’ Facebook page also integrates with Pinterest to show off dozens of content pieces. These include everything from recipes to historical facts about certain types of coffee. That means their fans are racking up engagement points each time they click on the features. And if there’s one thing the Facebook algorithm loves, it’s engagement.


“Your people love being part of a community because some communities offer such a high level of gamification that they are an entertainment venue in themselves”. (#EmissaryGuildCommunity)

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