Keep networking – You’ll never sustain a strong community if you can’t expand it and grow continuously. Growth doesn’t have to occur on a massive scale, but it must be ongoing and the new people you bring into the fold must be high-quality, engaged participants. Without this continued growth, whatever community you’ve managed to build will eventually stagnate. Older members stop posting and there’s no new blood to bring excitement and new ideas.

The only way to maintain this basic element of growth is to keep networking. And that means being active across multiple channels, even ones where you have no existing community. You never know where an opportunity may come from and you should be constantly exploring every open avenue.

You must also constantly engage in personal one-on-one interactions. These might feel like a heavy investment of time, but the return is well worth it. Personal interactions often bring in the most dedicated individuals to be a part of your community or give rise to the best ideas for you to pursue.

Your community will not grow if efforts for engagement and interaction only occur within the existing cohort group, in other words, within your existing community. While your community certainly can’t be neglected (why did you build a community in the first place?) the only way to maintain your momentum is to keep growing.


Community management is an evolving field. Luckily, there are lots of communities around the web you can learn from and get help—whether you prefer Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn.

Chill Corner– A friendly Discord community to chill out and have fun with friends. Meet new people from all over the world! 


“Your people love being part of a community because they may provide friends and relatives with glowing recommendations about the product, offering testimonies about the multiple benefits that can be had through the brand.” (#EmissaryGuildCommunity)

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