How our gaming method got us 78K claps on Medium

There’s more than one way to skin a cat and there’s more than one way to reach your target audience and get the exposure you need. Sure, you can spend your entire budget on social media ads and other types of promoted content, or you can take a more organic route, letting others do your advertising for you.

We were able to take this kind of approach and get 78K claps on Medium, spreading our message far and wide across this popular platform. The best part is that we accomplished all this for a fraction of the budget we would have spent on traditional advertising. So, what was the key to our success? Gamification.

The turning point was when we were essentially able to recruit Medium readers to like, share and/or comment on our posts, becoming unofficial ambassadors of sorts. No, we didn’t pay for likes or create fake accounts to share our posts, we simply offered intriguing incentives to spark conversation and action.

The people who ended up helping us out weren’t necessarily from among our target audience even, but they formed a small army of individuals who were in it for the incentives, the community or just for fun. Together, they formed a powerful network of users helping us reach ever larger audiences.

The gamified incentives we offered largely took the form of bounty programs, offering rewards and prizes for shares, likes, and comments. Not only did this method help us reach a large number of people for less money than advertising, but our outreach was also more effective than it would have been otherwise since word of mouth is by far the most powerful tool for spreading your message.

In the end, as long as you have the budget for it and depending on what field your own project is in, it will probably be best to mix both methods, since advertisements help you reach a very targeted audience very quickly. Organic outreach based on gamification is more effective but takes longer. If you plan carefully, both fronts can be used simultaneously to complement one another. How much time and energy you invest in each is up to you.

So, what method do you think is right for your brand? What other methods of outreach have worked for you? Think you can beat us at our own game? Let us know if you’ve got more claps on Medium and how you got there.