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    The Private VIP Forum

    What is the private VIP forum? This is where we present all the special offers to our most valued community members! We're talking about offers such as translation gigs, moderation openings, special bonuses for bounty hunters, writing and YouTubing opportunities and so much more! How to join? It's not open yet, but we will announce it soon! Want to get an update once we launch the forum and publish the instructions on how to join? Subscribe to our newsletter!
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    About the Forum

    The Forum Our forum is divided into categories. You are currently in the main category- here we will post all our announcements and keep you updated on everything there is to know. In addition to this category, you have more categories and forums, where you can discuss all kinds of issues with your fellow emissaries. As long as you follow the rules and make sure you post your ideas under the right category, we welcome and appreciate all discussions!
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    Info, Rules and Values

    Welcome new emissaries, we are so glad you have decided to join the Emissary Guild! Just a few things we wanted you to know before you start exploring our forum and make new connections with other community members. WHO WE ARE? We are the White Clerks of the Emissary Guild. The meaning of our name, for those of you who are unfamiliar with the terms, is a community of messengers. Our name represents exactly what this community stands for- we are a community of people who love crypto, get excited about new projects and are willing to spend some time helping those projects thrive, in exchange for some benefits. WHAE WE DO? Our White Clerks, the core members of this community, are working closely with ICOs and other projects in the crypto world. We help them create and manage their communities and bounty programs. WHAT'S IN IT FOR YOU? Being part of a community is knowing you are part of something bigger. You can hang out here in the main forum, OR- you can join our private VIP forum. This is where we post special offers like moderation openings, translation gigs, extra bonuses for bounty hunters and so much more. How to Join to our *VIP* community? Details will be published soon! Want to know once the registration is open? Subscribe to our newsletter! OUR VALUES We believe a community should be like a big family, and this is exactly how our White Clerks will treat you. We promise to be polite, kind and to always make sure you get the best possible support. We will be here to help you with everything you might need, you should never be afraid to contact us if you have any questions. This is also how we expect you to treat each other- no bad mouthing, no name calling and no being rude. If we find that you do not comply with our values, we will remove you from the community, and it's a shame! We're 100% sure you want to be here, and benefit from what we have to offer. So just be nice, ok?