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    We write such an awesome content, and we want to share it with you! This is why we will keep updating this topic with our latest blog posts, so you all can enjoy it Let us know what you think. Blog post 2: Please, will you stop calling giant Telegram chats a community? Blog post 1: How to Create an ICO Website If you like what we do, follow us on Medium!
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    The Groups (Ranks) of the Emissary Guild We divided our members into 6 groups. Your group represents your seniority in this community. To move up the ladder, you will have to prove your loyalty and be an active member of the guild. Each group has its own unique logo and name. What will help you rank up? Posting, communicating, completing bounty tasks and just being an active emissary. OUR GROUPS White Clerks - Admins We are the guardians of the guild. We roam the web in search of worthy projects we can present to our community. We have been here for ages, through the good times and some of the worst; we now know the power in our numbers. We hand pick our emissaries and help them move up in the ranks. Some might even join us one day on the other side, the white side. Yellow Light Welcome young apprentice. You think it is your time to shine. You are ready to learn our ways. We will treat everyone with respect and we expect you to treat your fellow community members the same. The first step will be to receive our badge of the Yellow Light. Blue arrow You get it. You feel it. The hunger, the passion, the potential, it is all within your reach. Now, you need to work your way through the ranks. Follow the best, join the movement and make yourself noticed everywhere. Remember, you wear your Blue Arrow badge and you must follow our ways, treat everyone with respect. Are you ready to change your life? Red Storm Finally, you are ready to lead. It is the time you become something bigger than you are. Now, you can feel the true Emissary Guild power. Receive every mission and take a team out to fulfill our objectives. Together, with you and your team, we will make an impact. You will be the game changer, the rainmaker, the emissary of all times. Green Knight We can count on your to save the day. From the fog of uncertainty, you come blazing only to scorch and leave your mark. You understand that evolving means working hard, putting yourself out there every day for the guild, for your fellow emissary members. We can count on you to lead us into every challenge with your shiny green armor. Gray Oracle you follow the path to greatness. With more power in your hand, you are ready to get our guild to the future. With social presence almost everywhere, you will lead hundreds of guild members into new projects. Black element You are the high Black Element. You hold the top position in our Guild. You are the all-knowing, top of the pyramid element. Your experience and knowledge surpass most that of almost every emissary. When you speak, people listen. With a substantial following inside the guild, you can move mountains, make things happen and all with the stroke of your keyboard. You will decide the fate of thousands. What will you achieve by moving up the groups? Ranking up will get you closer to our core activities, you will get priority, special bounty offers and if you will soar high enough, you might be helping us by communicating with ICO teams, doing various management tasks and even help us build strategies and find projects.
  3. What's a Bounty Reward? Bounty rewards are given to "Bounty Hunters", these hunters are fulfilling various tasks, which help a project (an ICO) to promote itself over the web (and sometimes in the real world). In exchange for fulfilling those tasks and helping the project, the hunters get a reward in the form of tokens. Our Community's Bonus Except for the regular tokens bounty hunters get, our community members get an additional bonus for their job, just for being a part of us! How do I Get this Bonus? Under our Announcements Forum, we will always share the details about the bounty programs of the projects we are working with, including the bounty rewards and the additional bonuses they come with. If you're already a member of our community, you don't need to do anything else, but follow the instructions on our announcement posts, join those bounty programs, complete the tasks and wait for your precious tokens. If you have any questions, feel free to ask! Our dedicated white clerks are always here to help you.
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    Do you have a question about our community? First, please visit this FAQ page: http://emissaryguild.com/bounty-hunter/ Couldn't find an answer to your question? Post your question under this topic or contact us by clicking the "contact us" button at the bottom of the page. Cheers!
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    The Forum Our forum is divided into categories. You are currently in the main category- here we will post all our announcements and keep you updated on everything there is to know. In addition to this category, you have more categories and forums, where you can discuss all kinds of issues with your fellow emissaries. As long as you follow the rules and make sure you post your ideas under the right category, we welcome and appreciate all discussions!
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    Info, Rules and Values

    Welcome new emissaries, we are so glad you have decided to join the Emissary Guild! Just a few things we wanted you to know before you start exploring our forum and make new connections with other community members. Who We Are We are the White Clerks of the Emissary Guild. The meaning of our name, for those of you who are unfamiliar with the terms, is a community of messengers. Our name represents exactly what this community stands for- we are a community of people who love crypto, get excited about new projects and are willing to spend some time helping those projects thrive, in exchange for some benefits. What Do We Do? Our White Clerks, the core members of this community, are working closely with ICOs and other projects in the crypto world. We help them create and manage their communities and bounty programs. As such, we offer you to join our community and enjoy the things we have to offer: We don't just work with anyone! We prefer working with ICOs we trust, and we do our own background checks before we agree to work together. Of course, we are not a part of the core ICO team so we can't take responsibility for those projects, but we do add another layer of scam prevention. We believe in the power of the community. This is why we will reward all our members with extra tokens for every bounty program/airdrop we run, just for being our members! Now isn't that awesome? Think about it! You will be doing exactly what you did before, only now you will get more tokens! We will update you and give you intel on the projects we're working with and will allow you to get fast and reliable answers to your questions regarding them. Our Values We believe a community should be like a big family, and this is exactly how our White Clerks will treat you. We promise to be polite, kind and to always make sure you get the best possible support. We will be here to help you with everything you might need, you should never be afraid to contact us if you have any questions. This is also how we expect you to treat each other- no bad mouthing, no name calling and no being rude. If we find that you do not comply with our values, we will remove you from the community, and it's a shame! We're 100% sure you want to be here, and benefit from what we have to offer. So just be nice, ok? Our Rules You've already read our rules upon registration, but if you feel the need to refresh your memory, please visit this link: http://emissaryguild.com/bounty-hunter-application/